If you try to check out my biographical information, you will find no records for Zanna Archer because this is my pen name (pseudonym, if you prefer). I chose to publish under a different name for three reasons: 

  1. Although I live in a relatively small town, another person and I (no relations) share the same name.  More important, when I Googled my name, at least three other people with “my” name already had an online presence. 
  2. After spending my life near the bottom of the alphabet, I wanted a spot near the top. Ironically, my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, lists its authors in alphabetical order according to their FIRST names, so when they publish my book(s), Zanna Archer will, of course, be among the Z’s. Whenever I think of it, this makes me laugh.  
  3.  I am an introvert, and I value my privacy, especially now that social media attacks have become so common and often include family targets.  I can delete insults, etc., but I don’t want to expose the people I love to unwanted attention. 

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